Our Ethos

Our ethos at Little Acorns is 'Together we learn and grow'. We incorporate this into our setting by working together to provide children with adventures and opportunities that are child-led, engaging children's imaginations and creativity, with an emphasis on using the outdoor environment. As we help the children learn and grow, we are also reflecting and learning how we can provide better or more enhanced learning experiences. This enables us to keep the children motivated to reach their next steps in learning.

Our Curriculum


Due to our small size and rural location we are able to provide unique learning opportunities for all our children based on their individual learning and development requirements.

All our staff work extremely hard to ensure children are kept motivated by providing unique learning opportunities based around the children’s interests and their styles of learning.

We have strong links with Leadenham Primary School and sometimes join the reception class for special learning opportunities or to further children’s learning when required. We are also committed to developing strong links with other local schools to ensure all the children in our care have a smooth transitions to school