Little Acorns Pre-School

Due to our small size and rural location we are able to provide unique learning opportunities for all our children based on their individual learning and development requirements. All our staff work extremely hard to ensure children are kept motivated by providing unique learning opportunities based around the children’s interests and their styles of learning. We have strong links with Leadenham Primary School and sometimes join the reception class for special learning opportunities or to further children’s learning when required. We are also committed to developing strong links with other local schools to ensure all the children in our care have a smooth transition into school.

Our indoor environment is set up to fully support the seven areas of learning as set out in the EYFS.

We continually develop and change our room to follow children's interests and stages of development ensuring children are always fully engaged in their play.

Most of the day our doors to outside are open so that children can choose where they want to play.

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We have a well-structured outdoor area that supports all areas of learning available for the children to access throughout most of the day as and when they wish.

We also have use of the school grounds when we wish to use them so the children can access a large area to play games, ride bikes and scooters etc. There is also a woodland area within the school grounds which we can explore or use as an outdoor classroom.

When ratios allow us we are also able to walk up to the local park, or farm shop for some extra learning opportunities.

Key Person System

Research has proven that children learn best when they feel safe and secure and have secure attachments with carers, and therefore we operate a Key Person system. During your child’s settling in sessions we will observe how the child settles and who they feel secure with. From this we will collectively decide who will be your child’s Key Person.

Your child’s Key Person will be there to support your child throughout their time with us both emotionally and through guiding their learning and development. They will be also be your main point of contact whilst your child is with us should you need to discuss anything from things they have achieved to any worries or concerns you may have no matter how big or small.